Orchard, Idaho


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P.O. BOX 396
Boise, ID 83706

Email: SteveCSwanson@gmail.com
Phone: (208) 336-3636

Steve C. Swanson

Steve C Swanson currently concentrates on his interests in various real estate-related investments, including his investments in the Orchard Area land and the Elmore-Ada Water Project LLC.

Previously, he was the sole shareholder and President of Swanson & Co., Inc, a member firm of the National Association of Dealers, Inc. (NASD). He has provided financial and investment advisory and management services to many individuals and privately owned companies and been a sponsor/general partner in several syndicated private placement investments. He is also a shareholder, director and officer of several small companies.

Prior to establishing Swanson & Co., Inc. he was a practicing CPA with one of the major accounting firms and after leaving public practice, associated with a group of affiliated companies in the real estate industry.

He and his wife, both native Idahoans, raised two children and live in Boise, Idaho.