Orchard, Idaho


Within the private land located in the South Valley about one-half the distance between Boise and Mountain Home is the Mayfield Orchard Area that includes the Simco Road Area south of Interstate 84. The Mayfield Orchard Area is within the Boise Valley “football” development ring. There are limited available sources and quantities of water. Given the proximity to the centers of both jobs and population, and major urban and other amenities, its land values per acre are quite low even considering the current water and economy issues.

This area is a “blank canvas” for efficient development. The Ada County Comprehensive Plan, with fairly strict building requirements, encourages Planned Communities in rural areas. It encourages small communities to have residences, residents' services, and other jobs that all co-exist in close proximity. Elmore County has designated the Simco Road area as an industrial development zone.

Large parcels of land are controlled by just a few ownership interests. These ownership interests are professional and/or passive real estate investors. See EXHIBIT J.

It is expected that several Planned Communities with mixed use development that is primarily residential will begin development in the near future. Four Planned Community developers have recently obtained or are seeking water rights for their respective projects. Two of these four projects are moving forward with County permitting for their projects. Other portions of the Mayfield Orchard Area are expected to be developed as industrial sometime in the future.