Orchard, Idaho


Within the Mayfield Orchard Area is the townsite of Orchard with about 1,100 platted lots. Two separate ownership interests own about 70% of these lots as well as about 3,400 acres of adjacent land along Orchard Road and the south side of the Union Pacific Railroad mainline. Orchard Road is the dividing line separating their respective ownership interests. Both interests are comprised of passive investors. Farther to the southeast of the townsite, an Arizona based group has acquired about 1,300 acres adjacent to these two properties. Additionally, to the northwest of the townsite along the north side of the Union Pacific Railroad mainline, is an anticipated 2,800 acre Planned Community project of another Arizona based group. See EXHIBIT J referred to above and EXHIBIT K and EXHIBIT L.

To the south of the Orchard Area is the Orchard Training Area, a major military facility for the training of local Army National Guard Units as well as many units from other areas within the U.S. A major study of urban and military compatibility, recently completed, established that in the Orchard Area any military noise levels will not interfere with most industrial and high-density residential development.

For the “Noise” zone, the recommended restrictions only apply to high-density residential development. This zone, however, ends about two miles south of the Union Pacific Railroad line and only applies to a minimal portion of Orchard Area land. For the “Light and Glare” zone, the recommended restrictions are consistent with current expected Ada County zoning requirements for light and glare that would apply to any industrial or planned community development projects. See EXHIBIT M.

The Army National Guard, however, has indicated that it would prefer industrial development south of the Union Pacific Railroad mainline. Further, it has indicated a willingness to consider permitting access from the adjoining private land to the rail spur connecting with the Union Pacific Railroad mainline. See EXHIBIT N.

Elmore County has designated the Simco Road Area as an industrial development zone. It is expected that Ada County will be receptive to industrial development in the Orchard Area south of the Union Pacific Railroad line in coordination with Elmore County and The Orchard Training Area.